Claire Victoria

Documentary Photographer

Embracing simple, honest, family living.

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Hello, I’m Claire, wife to my loving husband, mum to our four beautiful boys and doggy mum to Molly and Bruce. I’ve always had a passion for photography since childhood and in 2017 I made the decision to follow my dreams, take the next step in my journey and begin my photography business.

I grew up in Kent living on a farm and spent a lot of my childhood running through the fields, climbing trees, building dens and helping the farmer throughout the summer with the lambing season. My childhood was built from long lazy summer days and cosy nights in front of the fire. Childhood days with my parents would consist of walking the dogs, roast dinners, feeding the chickens and living simply.

From this I developed a strong connection to nature and a natural pull to being outside, feeling the wind in my hair, walking freely, listening to the birds and taking notice of the beauty around me.

I am a big believer that nature can have an amazing positive effect on our health and wellbeing and I love to spend time as a family outside connecting with each other and the environment.

I believe that a simple, carefree and wild childhood is a happy childhood.

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Why family photography?

Over the years my camera has never been far from my side and I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to document our boys growing up.

Family photos are so important. They are part of our family history and I find that our children love to look at family photos and talk of the memories, holidays and family adventures and experiences we’ve had together.

I love to display family photos in the home as I believe that this has a fantastic positive effect on children’s wellbeing and reinforces the family bond and attachment. From a young age children are able to recognise their face and family members within photos and by displaying photos around the home you are not only creating a beautiful homely safe space for the family but you are reinforcing the love, connection and bond for your child too.

I love to encourage and inspire families to update their photos regularly and display their family photos within the home.

My boys chasing the waves during a trip to the seaside.

My boys chasing the waves during a trip to the seaside.

My Experience

My passion for photography began as a child. I used to capture photos of my dogs and the other farm animals on the farm where I lived. I recall many trips to boots pharmacy where I would wait eagerly to collect the photos I had sent off to be developed. So many times they returned and the photos had not printed or developed correctly. I was always so disappointed.

As a teen, I was always the friend with the camera capturing photos of friends on school trips, animals and adventures. so, when I discovered I could do a photography a level I was over the moon. I studied film photography alongside psychology, history and biology and I absolutely loved the whole process of film photography and developing my own images in the dark room.

however when the time came to go to university I chose to follow my other passion, psychology. I have always been fascinated by child development, individual differences and child health and I planned to train as an Educational psychologist. I remember sharing these plans with my photography teacher after I’d just received the A Level Exam prize for my a level photography work and she was shocked that i didn’t want to continue with my photography at degree level. at the time I didn’t even consider that photography could be an option as a career. I now know differently.

My photography journey may have taken a de-tour but i am thankful for the experience and I now work combining my passion for documenting everyday moments with my camera, capturing childhood, individual personalities, relationships and inspiring families to savour the moment and embrace their unique family story and display their photos within their home.

At home documentary photo session capturing a baking session. Ginger biscuits anyone?

At home documentary photo session capturing a baking session. Ginger biscuits anyone?

My other passions

When I’m not being mum or working I love to spend time with my husband. we love to go to the cinema, bowling or enjoy a very competitive game of air hockey and we enjoy family walks with the boys and the dogs molly and bruce.

I also enjoy going to the gym, pilates and swimming and I love to get out for a walk with my camera and meeting up with my friends for a coffee and a catch up.

As a family we love to explore new places, go camping and visit the beach whenever possible (Cornwall is our favourite). At home we love to explore our local fields and snuggle on the sofa in front of the fire on cold days. Oh and I also love to sing and dance at home with the boys and my husband. Being silly and having fun is all part of making memories. 

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"Claire did a large extended family documentary photoshoot for us while we were on holiday in the Bath area. She was great in helping to organise the session in advance. On the day she helped put everyone at ease and called all the children by name which helped them relax and have fun. We now have a lovely set of family photos which will be cherished. Thanks Claire for helping us capture some wonderful memories!"

/  M Gates  /


What is documentary photography?

I specialise in documentary family photography. I capture your every day moments. The real, raw and natural moments. The moments you may think are mundane but they are the moments that you will cherish and your children will recall as they grow up. I like to call it - “the every day beauty”.

These moments are pure, beautiful and authentic.

My mission is to inspire families to capture their true unique story of family life, embrace the chaos, live in the moment and live simply.

Invite me in to your home to capture these everyday moments or invite me along on your family adventure to document your family time together.

Tired legs during a nature documentary session in Bristol.

Tired legs during a nature documentary session in Bristol.

So how does it work?

My sessions are completely tailored to you. I offer a petite documentary session where you can specify if you’d like me to join you at home on the “Home sweet home” package or out and about exploring the woods or a favourite family location on the “Into the wilderness” package. Both sessions are 60 - 90 minutes long where I will spend this time documenting your family together, sharing your story and you being you and doing the things that you love to do.

If you are looking to combine the two experiences or extend the session you may like to consider the “Complet documentary” package. During this session I will spend 4 hours with your family documenting your everyday routine, activities, love, connection, individual characters and passion.

When first booking a session I will arrange to talk through your ideas and we can discuss the location, timings of the day and any special interests, moments, milestones or celebrations that you’d like to document.

I know that inviting someone in to your home is a very personal thing and that’s why I love to talk with you on the phone or meet beforehand to chat and discuss ideas and your family dynamics.

On the day, I will arrive slightly early and ready to talk to your family, children and play some games if necessary so your children can feel at home with me being there.

I am very good with children. I have four of my own and I also used to work as a teaching assistant and nursery nurse before having my own children. I love to play dinosaurs, colour in pictures and make snails out of playdough. That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.

I am there to capture your normal everyday and unique family story. all you have to do is be you, live in the moment and enjoy your family.

Enjoying a game of hide and seek in the woods whilst out and about during a family documentary photo session in Bristol.

Enjoying a game of hide and seek in the woods whilst out and about during a family documentary photo session in Bristol.


“Claire made my daughter feel so comfortable and relaxed! We are overjoyed at the photos and can't wait to gift them to all our family at Christmas. thank you Claire”.

/  H Gregory  /