Re-think the family portrait. What is the "In to the Wilderness" photography experience?

“In to the Wilderness” is a photography experience designed for families who love to be outdoors. It is also designed to encourage more families to get outdoors connecting with nature and connecting with one another. Nature play is good for the soul and not just for children, adults benefit too. Nature has an amazing positive effect on our health and wellbeing and I am on a mission to get more families outside, getting them back to nature and capturing simple honest family memories by creating a safe space for families to relax, play and enjoy quality family time.

What can you expect from your “In to the Wilderness” photography experience?

Fun, fun, and more fun.

In to the Wilderness is designed for you and your family to relax, embrace the outdoors, slow down and have fun. There is nothing else to it. You decide the location (I’m happy to help if you need some ideas) and I simply capture your family time together. It’s great to think of somewhere that you and your family enjoy exploring together or regularly visit as a family. This way, you already have memories of fun family time to build upon and the kids can relax in to the familiar space.

Do you offer guidance during the photography experience?

When I meet you and your family at your chosen location I love to get to know the children and have a little chat with everyone as we begin our walk and adventure. It’s great to learn what the children love to do and get a little bit of an insight in to what makes each child smile. I don’t offer guidance as such but I do engage with you and the children to encourage nature play and family fun. A game of hide and seek for you and the children is always a brilliant way to warm everyone up and relax in to the session. Who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek?

Can you prepare for the photography session?

All you need is you, your children, the dog (if you want to) and whatever you would usually bring along to a family walk in the woods or family outing to the beach. This is your family adventure and I want you and your family to relax and just be you. I love to capture individuality and unique family photos and therefore you do not need to prepare. This is all about you being you and simply having fun. If you’d like to bring along a hot chocolate and snack to enjoy with the family mid session that’s absolutely fine too.

When is the best time of year for a family photography session?

Any time of year. In the UK, we are lucky to have such varied seasons and each one brings with it unique family photos. Summer photos are fantastic for bright and airy family photos, whereas Autumn, Winter and Spring offer a more subtle lighting and varying levels of clothing. I personally love a snuggly scarf photo. You can even book a session for each season or to capture Winter and Summer. The options are endless and the “In to the Wilderness” nature photo session is perfect for all year round.

What happens after the photography session?

At the end of your session we say our goodbyes and I leave you to continue to enjoy the great outdoors or to head home. Your selection of photos will then be presented to you on USB within three weeks of your session for you to treasure and keep and enjoy for many years to come. I will also upload your family photos on to a secure webpage on my website for you to view and share with friends and family. You are then able to order prints or framed products too.

How do you book your family “In to the Wilderness” photography session?

Simply get in touch via email or click the “Book now” button below. A deposit of £97.00 is required at the time of booking with the outstanding balance due before your session date.

Payment plans are available. Full cost is £297.00 to include 30 high res images of your family adventure on USB. Terms and conditions apply.

Get in touch now to secure your session date.