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 “Home sweet home”

I am inviting you to re-think the traditional family portrait. “Home sweet home” captures those simple moments of your everyday that you may not otherwise notice. It’s the little details that you and your child will cherish as they grow up. It’s the little moments that they watch and observe and love. When you tuck your child in at bedtime and you kiss their forehead in a certain way. It’s the way you cuddle them and squeeze them first thing in the morning. It is the way that you always help to tie their shoe lace and zip up their coat right to the top before they head in to the garden to play. It’s the sound of waking up to the birds singing in the morning and your toddler peeking out of the window to take a look. It’s the joy of waiting for daddy to come home after a long day at work and your child running to greet him. It’s your family coming together to talk about the day at tea time and sharing stories and laughter. It is all of these everyday details that make your family unique and I will capture them for you.

Choose the “Petite documentary” to capture a snippet of the everyday magic in your home or choose the “Full documentary” to capture a longer “Day in your life” photography experience.