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Mindful photo walks in Bristol

Grabbing my camera and heading out for a walk is something I love to do and I know the psychological benefits this activity has on my own wellbeing.

I run mindful photography walks for busy mums, dads, families and children to share my photography expertise and skills with the local community and to encourage others to get out in nature and connect.

I love to see children, parents and families connecting with nature and each other through exploration and child led play. Bringing the camera along helps to focus the mind and get creative.

I also work with local schools and run nature connection photography workshops for children from 8 years and up. I believe that photography and nature can be combined to encourage children to connect with nature, explore and get creative whilst also having a profound effect on health and wellbeing.

If you’d like to work with me or are interested in finding out more info please contact me.

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Notice the little details of nature. Bluebell photography.

Notice the little details of nature. Bluebell photography.

Why should I come on a mindful photography walk?

Do you want to feel calm, grounded and focused? Confident and in control? Combine the psychological and social benefits of walking with the pleasure of mindful photography.

Join me as we explore the beautiful gardens of Kingsweston Estate and Old Church Farm in Bristol. Learn how to be mindful of your natural surroundings and environment with the use of your camera and feel the positive benefits for yourself. I will also spend some time teaching photography basics, so you can get the most out of your photos.

Why is walking in nature good for you?

Spending time in nature boosts your mood, confidence and working memory. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as getting your creative juices flowing. By the end of the walk, you’ll be brimming with photos ideas!

Learn to look again

Photography encourages you to notice the small details: seeing ordinary, unusual and everyday objects in a new light. Look around and observe what grabs your attention. Take notice and look again. Capture the image and the feeling – focus your mind.

Join me for more mindful photography tips over the coming season – and keep an eye on my blog for mindfulness exercises you can apply in your day-to-day life.

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Family photography walks

Encourage exploration, curiosity and connection with nature at one of my family walks.

Why is nature play important?

Nature play is critical to children’s cognitive development, stimulating creativity and problem-solving skills. Research has shown that kids who regularly play and spend time in nature have improved concentration skills, as well as fewer instances of ADHD.

Upcoming dates

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This is a free event but please book ahead to secure your spot as spaces are limited.